Creating the brand identity is a process. Graphic design is supposed to draw the viewer's attention, encouraging them to engage in communication. Whether it is a logo, a billboard, or a catalog solution, the goal is to provoke emotion.

The graphic designer's job is to design the company's visual identity, which is reflected through the choice of colors, logo design, and the selection of fonts, pictograms, and images. Visual identity has become a universal technique for promoting a business. It makes it recognizable on the market as a powerful brand.


Creating Logo

Design of signs, logos, or blazons with the definition of colors and proportions. Monochrome representation of the logo, negative, wire frame, dry stamp.



Font selection and method of use, the definition of styles and colors, headings, subheadings, slogans, paragraphs, footnotes, references, and literature.


Logo Application on business documents

Preparation of printed materials for business cards, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, delivery notes, receipts, and other forms.


Definition of pictograms and pictures

Creation of graphic elements, pictograms, pictures, signs, icons and photo selection.


Creating Catalogs and Brochures

Design and print preparation for catalogs and brochures. Catalog printing, graphic designer, and content management services.


Promo material

Logo application on promo material: badges, multifunctional devices, t-shirts, flags, mouse pads, mugs, uniforms, keychains, vine sets...