Social Network

Relevant content posting consistency on social networks is a key to business success. Detailed and strategically published posts on Facebook and Instagram speak of your professionalism and provide important information about your brand and business while at the same time enabling communication and connection with clients on an affective and personal level. A prerequisite for a successful business is successful navigation through the world of social media, and the task of a social network marketing manager is to help you navigate this world.

Through creating and building a virtual brand, analyzing and branding the target group, and marketing effective content, your personal "social guru" will contribute to the positioning and expansion of your business.


Creating a strategy

By meeting the client, we design a marketing plan and create a unique strategy. We determine the ideal audience, frequency, and posting dynamic.


Promotions and campaigns

Market research, target groups mapping, and placement of micro-campaigns for testing. Launching a campaign with clear goals and a precisely targeted group.


Creating and editing content

We edit and create all content to adequately present your brand and establish communication with the target group.


Crisis management

Regardless of the quality of the business, any company can be under attack by dissatisfied users. These are the situations for the experienced crisis management team.


Community Management

Planning of posting dynamic, range expansion of brand by increasing the number of followers and communication with users.


Analysis and reporting

To evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the marketing plan, at the end of each month, we perform a detailed analysis and create a report based on the work results.